Our Ethos

Together we bring a beautiful blend of leading edge and holistic beauty treatments and a variety of cosmeceutical and plant based certified organic beauty products to the clinic. We enjoy giving personalised services and advice to our clientele as well as a good laugh.
We invite you to come in and relax, enjoy a friendly chat, honest and professional skin advice, a full service menu of professional treatments.

Love AJ xx


Start your journey to natural beauty by making more conscious decisions about what we use on our most precious and largest organ, YOUR SKIN.

Renowned for her brow style

Alicia believes in working with you to create the perfect natural brow shape for you, using her signature brow technique to ensure your brows will be even. You can be assured with 21 years of working on brows, you’re in confident hands!

Alicia’s signature brow treatment is only $30 which includes a brow shape, wax and tint. Don’t forget we also offer brow lamination and brow tattoo treatments. You can also pick yourself up a 24hr brow soap for that perfect brow lamination look either in salon with Alicia or online at www.supabrow.com


Only using 100% botanical ingredients with zero preservatives, as our whole line is oil based. Naturally, water free so it’s undiluted for superior hydration. Every ingredient is chosen for their rich nutrients and healing properties.

CANNABELLA’s key ingredient is unfiltered HEMP oil for its high chlorophyll content, compared to regular processed hemp oil. High quality unfiltered HEMP oil is higher in Omega-3, 6 and 9, its non-comedogenic, it encourages skin to repair and heal naturally.


Lymphatic Therapy is a natural way to detoxify, oxygen and nurture your skin Elle’s from the inside out.

The special mask is painted onto the skin and sets, forming a lymphatic pump that helps to flush away toxins, improve water in the skin and allows nutrients to flow freely to and from every cell.

a few new things

  • You must attend your appointment alone
  • No children are allowed at the clinic
  • Hand sanitiser and a temperature check upon arrival
  • If you are feeling unwell or have a cold or flu like symptoms please re-schedule your appointment
  • Appointment times will be extended to allow for correct cleaning measures
  • Your attendance will now be logged.

Please Note

These restrictions may change and are put in place to protect you, the customer, and of course us the therapist / nurse.

product feature


What is Supabrow Brow Soap?

The clear ‘soap like’ product is designed to instantly thicken and volumise brows for that fluffy, beachy look.
Incredible staying power ensures brow hairs are held in place all day. Perfect for day to day use.